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She was the kind of housemate who said what she felt and felt what she said.A particular conversation where she defended her "burger and pubes" to a dismissive Dean became a legendary Big Brother: Uncut moment.At an emotional "family meeting" he revealed to the housemates that, "...I'd be going to speed dating when there's boys on one side... Season: 6Following his eviction, housemate Michael fielded constant questions about his relationship with fellow housemate David after footage presented on Big Brother: Uncut alluded to a kiss between the two.Their task was to alternate their time in the house and go undetected.While they weren't immediately found out, the housemates didn't fall for it and questioned Logan's difference in behaviour before discovering the secret.

While he maintained that he never lied, he felt uncomfortable dodging questions and leaving out details when pressed on certain issues.The almost three million viewers of the finale would say no.Season: 5One of the most ambitious tricks Big Brother pulled on the housemates was selecting twins David and Greg to compete as one person, Logan.After the season ended, Marty and Jess: An Outback Wedding aired and documented their marital journey.Unfortunately, true TV love does not exist as they are no longer together.Season: 3Chrissie became a fan favourite early on with her infectious laugh, friendly demeanour, and how she dealt with overhearing a cameraman describe her as "fat".

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