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Therefore, after Web Sphere Application Server is installed with the basic configuration, you Users Rights Assignment On User Rights Assignment, double-click one of the user rights, click Add, select a local user account from the list, and click OK. You should also download all the required software from the JD Edwards Update Center.

IBM Web Sphere Application Server (WAS) 8.5 is installed through the IBM Installation Manager.

Using Installation Manager and Repository You can use IBM Installation Manager to import existing Web Sphere Application Server Version 7.0 installations into Installation Manager and then to install, update, and uninstall IBM Web Sphere Application Server Version 7.0 feature packs.

A repository is a location that stores data for installing, modifying, rolling back, updating, or uninstalling packages.

* Note: There are two types of Liberty ifixes available: a ifix that is installable through Installation Manager, and a ifix that is for jar archive.

If you are not sure which installation type you used, use the command "product Info version --verbose" to verify.

Following the IBM Social Computing Guidelines - Steve Webb, Stacy Cannon If you need to verify the product information of Liberty Profile, you can use the product Info command to display the current product version, edition, and other details about the product.

product Info version Command: "product Info version" shows the product name, version, and edition.

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Relative to Web Sphere 7.0, with IBM Web Sphere 8.5 the installation procedure has changed dramatically.

Earlier tools that are based on Install Shield® Multi Platform are used to install, update, and uninstall the Version 7.0 base product as well as previous versions of Web Sphere Application Server.

Download Package Download the IBM Installation Manager files that are appropriate for your operating system from the download Web site by clicking on the HTTP link: com/software/rational/repositorymanager/repositories/websphere/repository.config ibm.com/software/websphere/repositories/repository.config Installation Instructions If you are using IBM Installation Manager for the first time, simply download and install the latest version 1.4.4.

You will now use the IBM Installation Manager as a central hub to manage the installation process.

The IBM Installation Manager is designed to make the installation procedure much simpler and easier than in prior releases.

It can be entered from the install root bin directory, for example, "wlp Info version --verbose".

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