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You can tell if the other user is male/female, their status, and if they have a webcam or not by their icon in their instant messaging window, or in the user directory. You then will click the hyperlink "yes" to accept and "no" if you do not accept.

When someone asks you to video chat, you will be sent an instant message that says "Nickname is requesting a private call. If you are not sure if you want to video chat with another user, click the "profile" icon in the IM window or right click on his or her nickname and choose "View Profile" to learn more about that user.

Starting a video chat You can easily video chat with any Camfrog user.

Of course, a webcam is not required to see someone, but it is required to be seen.

Open the "Video&Audio" tab and you will see your video settings.

You can then choose your video capture device and your video stream quality.

If this user gets three bad feedbacks from different users, he won’t be able to IM anyone for a few minutes.

Click on the "Register New Nickname" hyperlink in the main application window to register.

Your profile information will be available on our public website user directory.

Before Using Before using Camfrog, you need to set up a nickname and a password to logon to the Camfrog central server.

After you have installed and launched Camfrog, click on the "Register New Nickname" hyperlink in the main application window.

Many users may not want to video chat with someone who does not also have a webcam.

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