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He has been working out of Bangalore since Septem...Read more Hi, well to write some thing about my son. Read more I was raised in Chicago but Manhattan has been my home for the past 7 years, completed residency, fellowship and am a practicing doctor.If you're still not able to view the stream, it might be blocked by a firewall. There are more than 3.5 million Bengali matrimony profiles on based out of all major cities like Kolkata, Howrah, Midnapore etc.Read more To start of I am not very fond of the concept of arranged marriage, I am not for sale and nor will I be willing to buy someone. Apart from work, he is an athlete and enjoys sports, networking, driving, travelling, songs and good movies. Read more I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, and yet I have a diverse group of friends from all over the world. We received request from many families but none of them were appropriate match for me. Farhan Naz Nova (Niha) is a Bangladeshi-American girl and Waqar Ahm...I'm full of contradictions like that but once you get to know me, hopefully it will all m... I thought might aswell give this a try as i do want to meet the right sort of girl to settle down with. It was quite a roller coaster ride from the day she accepted my request here till the marriage was fixed. After getting rejected 2 times by her parents, finally they accepted my proposal of m...

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If you still don't see anything, please try another browser or internet connection.She likes listening to music, traveling and cooking.She is happy go lucky girl, very sensitive and helpfu...More than 350,000 Bengali Matrimonial profiles have found their life partners on I am the only child of my parents, born in Kolkata. I have been convent educated in Mount Carmel School Dhanbad (ICSE and ISC background) an...Read more I am looking for a good match for my daughter.We met on 27th Sept 2015 and spoke for long like we know each other from ages. After a month long waiting finally Aditi accepted my request in

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