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I don’t have anything else to say other than that.” When I asked whether he planned to take the same-sex marriage issue back to court if elected governor, he said, “No, no.” So, how would he fight it? Once the Supreme Court ruled on that, then that’s the rule on it.” So, I asked, why did he put his promise to “fight” that on his website as one of the 12 key issues in his “blueprint” for Idaho?

Idaho GOP candidate for governor Tommy Ahlquist has changed the wording on his website about his position on gay marriage, deleting a section that many read as a promise to take the state back to court on an issue on which the U. As our governor, he will support policies that promote and safeguard the traditional institution of marriage.” Previously, it had those same two sentences, followed by this: “He will fight to protect Idaho’s right to define marriage within our state and support the current definition of marriage in Idaho as law.” I asked Ahlquist about this position statement when I interviewed him at his downtown Boise office on June 20, and he said that he might change the wording.

No Forcible Entry and Detainer (evictions) unless you have verifiable documentation of landlord irresponsibility.

However, an FE&D due to property damage, unpaid rent, drug use, or any criminal activity by the resident will not be accepted under any circumstance.

“I think that the same thing will happen with this,” Ahlquist said.

“You’ve had a ruling, and we’ve got to figure that out.

Any eviction, filed or granted, within the past 10 years is grounds for automatic disqualification.

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