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NET Grid View control is one of the most popular control when it comes to displaying and editing tabular data.

However, when it comes to inserting data the Grid View has very little to offer.

Also, see the list of methods for working with the selection provided in the previous section.

When applied in multiple cell selection mode, these methods will affect all cells that belong to the specified row(s). The coloring of a focused cell can be disabled using the Grid Options Selection. To prevent selected rows from being highlighted in a specific manner when the grid control is not focused, use the Grid Options Selection. This example demonstrates how to obtain selected rows and then change their field values.

The focused row/card is the row that accepts input from an end-user.

There can only be one focused row in a View, regardless of selection mode.

By default, selected and focused rows are painted using the same appearance settings. In specific instances, you may need to prevent the focused row from being highlighted in the Grid View or its descendant. The handles of selected rows are retrieved by the Column View. Since row handles reflect the order in which rows are displayed within a View, modifying a single row may affect the handles of other rows (e.g., if data is sorted and/or filtered).

To customize them, use the following properties that are available using a View's Appearance object (Grid View. To prevent possible data corruption, a target row is modified using an underlying record object (in this example, a Data Row object).

Multi Select property to true and the Grid Options Selection.When you focus a certain row in code (e.g., with the Column View.Focused Row Handle property), this row is not automatically selected (highlighted).Bear in mind that when updating multiple rows, Grid View is updated after every row modification. Refer to the Batch Modifications Overview document for details.So, to prevent unnecessary updates, you should enclose your code within calls to the Base View. This example shows how to paint the focused cell using the same appearance as the entire focused row: To prevent the focused cell from being highlighted, set the Grid Options Selection. To prevent the dotted focus rectangle from being painted around the focused cell, use the Grid View. This topic covers information on these modes and related API.

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