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Or that if something looks good it could very well be because only distribution is carried out in Zimbabwe.

Every other process that relies on quality is done abroad.

Unlike the dialog going on at the surrounding stalls. Rigden about how we’re looking to repatriate back home. We drive past houses that look like exclusive spa retreats – every single day.

She’s warm and not at all as negative as we’re sure we’d now be had we been here during what everyone wearily refers to as “ history (so far). Sure there is money, but it is concentrated in the hands of a teeny tiny minority. No that was your poetic license; but I did say the minority is very small.

That doesn’t sound very environmentally sustainable to us. Apparently people our age (none of your business, Reader) we are all very farmer-ish now. When Zimbabweans were the stars of the global media’s Poverty Porn Production. She tells us the tale of how, while her daughter was studying abroad, Mrs. We walk around, thrilled by the artistry and doing our best to be inconspicuous eavesdroppers. It strikes me, not for the first time, that life in Zimbabwe is utterly dominated by conversations about life in Zimbabwe. Rigden sent her a recorded message inadvertently featuring a cockerel crowing in the background.

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