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When my dads time in the Navy was finished, we moved back to Kansas and Ive never lived anywhere else.

It came full circle last year when my son graduated from MLHS and went into the Navy, a decision that I am very proud of.

They directed their hatred towards those who served.

It breaks my heart to hear of accounts of disrespect towards the men and women who served our country during this era.

So, hes not really just an assistant to a Chaplain. He owns the phrase, "We fight tonight." I pray that he never does. Noland leaves the confines of his base heading to another, he is faced with protesters who spit, curse and throw things at his vehicle.

When he first told me this, I couldnt hardly believe him.

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The irony of it to me is that if we werent there, the economy of Okinawa would collapse. Japan relies on us to protect them from some of the craziest leaders in the world like the one from North Korea. Men and women who serve this great country deserve great respect, especially in their own country.Thank you Bob for sharing your perspectives on Viet Nam.Thank you to each and every veteran who made the choice to serve our country during peaceful times and during times of conflict and war.Then he slipped me a video one day and I saw it for myself.The protesters are paid by China to harass our troops in Japan.He is approaching his first year of service and is now stationed with the Marines on a base in Okinawa as an RP (Religious Program Specialist).

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