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They excel at it, enjoy it, and feel most comfortable in that role.And I’ve found that many of the women I meet want to be wooed, pursued, and “taken care of” sometimes—even when they’re more than capable of taking care of themselves. Perhaps using the figure of speech “dolled up” has some condescending connotations.Simply put, acts of chivalry are small acts of love done out of kindness and deference to the other person, never expecting to get anything in return.

When it comes to dating women, yeah, I’m a little old-fashioned. I try not to kiss on a first date, even when I really want to.I know there’s more to dating than finding someone who fits whatever mold I’ve created in my mind and to whom I’m attracted in every way.But there’s also no denying that I have preferences, as I think we all do.And I get it, there are men who give the impression that ladies somehow owe it to them to look good all the time—or worse, that looking pretty is all that women are good for. Nonetheless, I am attracted to women who like to primp a little. It’s simply that it’s fun to get dressed up, and, well, I think women look especially beautiful when they do. I would like to marry a woman who is open to staying at home with our kids, even if that means we will have to keep a tight budget and not necessarily have the nicest house on the block. I was raised in a home where my dad was the breadwinner, and my mom stayed at home with the four kids. I loved when my mom was home with me during the day and had a meal ready for all of us when my dad came home for dinner. And when I say chivalry, I mean treating a woman like a gentleman does—anticipating her needs and making thoughtful gestures of deference, such as holding doors and whatnot.I like to take the time and effort to stay well-groomed and wear decent clothes, and I like a lady to be interested in those things as well. I respect my dad immensely for his sacrifices in a job he didn’t love and the effort he made to spend time with us after a hard day at work. I would be all for it and would be happy to consider any arrangements that would best accommodate that, including the possibility of me being a stay-at-home dad. I was raised to show respect for women and the feminine genius.That couldn’t be further from how I view women and relationships, and plenty of my more traditionally minded friends feel the same.

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