Dating profile advice for men dating in minneapolis mn


An answer like this is concise, specific and thoughtful.

It also gives the reader an insight into who the member is and what motivates them.

Try to answer each question succinctly, using no more than three sentences.

For example, the answer to the question, “What am I most passionate about?

If you overshare by writing too much about your job, friends, and romantic ideals, then readers may feel like there’s nothing really new or interesting left to learn about you.

But if you don’t answer the questions thoughtfully, or you withhold basic information about your age and interests, men may feel like there’s enough to spark their interest.

Try to think about your most interesting traits, hobbies and activities and what you’d be most excited for someone new to learn about you.

That said, be careful to tread the line between being witty and being sarcastic or self-deprecating.

Sarcasm can be harder to interpret online than in person.

Online, you need to be more discerning about the information you provide, knowing that people are viewing your profile without any of the verbal communication cues available in person.

A self-deprecating comment you may make flippantly to someone you’ve just met at a party might be received very differently when read in the context of an online dating profile.

Misunderstandings and solutions Men sometimes tend to have a harder time detecting subtlety and nuance than women.

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