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I have been with it, and it has been with me a very long time. I often wondered how I managed to pull through so many odds, from being isolated due to my sexuality, to having no information on my newfound diagnosis in prison, crying my heart out in the... you think you shake hands with me and i'll pass the virus to you, dont you? Does anyone have or know of an alternate website we can use to share and keep in contact with each other? Reading stories about others gives me strength and hope for my future. I woke up nauseous every single morning until I threw up on the 11th day. My kidneys (which are working too well) and liver are fine, so this drug isn't affecting them. I got raped while I was doing metric but didnt get infected then. I use the words "forgive myself" but really, no one asks for this. so much for the positive feedback on my post yesterday.

2 weeks later I got a crippling awakening from my western blot results. since I first heard the news of my HIV status, in the chilly doctor’s office of prison. He taught me all about herbs and when we where sick as children he also healed/cured us with herbs... It's going to take a long time to feel better and be happy again. Im a female, 23yrs, been hiv ve for about 2yrs now. Then one day went as a support to my friend to the clinic. I've started to forgive myself and realize the past is the past and the only way to go is forward.

you too can, don't give up."—Merci "I put an ad on POZ Personals and within a few days I met a wonderful guy who only lives a few miles from me.

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As I know it has for many diagnosed with HIV."—Joshua "I recently joined the site to simply peruse the personals in search of other poz men. I was struggling financially, hustling on craigslist and working fulltime to get by, and decided to donate plasma for money. I come from an herbal family, where my farther had been the best herbalist I have ever known. Doing job that I always wanted ,healthy, lots if travel, great and healthy family and amazing 2 best friends. Eating healthy , stopped smoking , juicing every day fresh vegetable and... I'm feeling hopeful as my side effects have been minimal. I found out just after moving 2000 miles in the pursuit of happiness. so that I have an understanding when I see my doctor to start treatment, but I don't even know where to start. My name is Wessel de Jager and I have been studying herbs for many years. I've been taking Stribild since and my CD4 is 666 and I'm undetectable. HIV is an awful dizzies but we can control it by medication !!! Actually just would like to say that HIV "maybe " changed my life to Better !!!!Only by accident did I realize what a terrific site this is.I am very impressed and I thank you for such an incredible resource."—John "I used poz personals for about 3 years and finally found someone. Keep the faith."—Jessica via Facebook "Just want to say that your site is the best of all the personals sites that I've been on.Alder 47 Fra Falkirk, United Kingdom Pålogget - 2 dager siden Kvinne Søker Mann (955 Kilometer unna) I am loving and caring. Alder 40 Fra Nottingham, United Kingdom Pålogget - 3 dager siden Kvinne Søker Mann (1061 Kilometer unna) Salut, femme africaine seropositive cherche un homme seropositif pour une relation à long terme. Ciao, sono una donna africana sieropositiva, cerco un uomo sieropositivo per una relazione a lungo termine.

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