Femdom triathlon


Ankle flexibility goes hand in hand with foot flexibility.

Great ankle flexibility usually leads to good plantar flexion.

This is particularly common among triathletes who, through cycling and running, develop power from the knee. Kicking from the hip presents a relatively straight leg, with a slight bend of the knee on the down stroke.

Imagine it more as keeping the knee/leg relaxed as opposed to kicking with a tense leg, which is the first mistake swimmers make when asked to kick with a straight leg.

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However this hyper-flexibility presents issues when it comes to my running.

One of the major issues I find with swimmers, and definitely triathletes, is the inability to kick from the hip.A good way to practice ankle flexibility is the use of fins for kicking.I would recommend shorter blade fins (FINIS makes three great versions of these).There are four key factors that will contribute to an efficient kick: One of the key skills for great kicking is ankle flexibility.While most swimmers have great ankle and foot flexibility, I often find the average recreational swimmer or triathlete does not.This usually looks like the swimmer is trying to pedal a bicycle under the water with their legs, and happens because the athlete bends their knees too much while kicking.

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