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Curcumin has also been shown to improve colitis by preventing STAT3 activation and STAT3-dependent induction of cell proliferation in mouse colon.Moreover, curcumin was shown to attenuate the immune response triggered by collagen injections in a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis, partly by blocking the proliferation of T lymphocytes in mouse splenocytes.Studies have shown that endothelial dysfunction is a common cause of heart disease, occurring when the endothelium is no longer able to regulate blood pressure, clotting and a number of other factors.Therefore, by improving endothelial function, curcumin lowers your risk of heart disease.Turmeric is a member of the Curcuma botanical group, which is part of the ginger family of herbs, the Zingiberaceae.

No word on whether it works on politicians' speeches (hah! It's been shown to alleviate joint pain, and can even help with heartburn and indigestion.Whether we are healing from an injury or an autoimmune disease, inflammation is a common health challenge.Nutritionists, functional medicine GPs and physiotherapists commonly use curcumin for its anti-inflammatory qualities.In nature's never-ending interaction between predator and prey, insects evolve the ability to digest plant toxins, while plants evolve stronger chemicals to deter their enemies.Monitoring this evolution between plants and insects represents an important field of ecological research.Ground Turmeric is used worldwide as a seasoning and is the source of extracted Curcumin.

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