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In fact, if watching video is your main concern, then check out our guide to watching US Netflix for more tips.

But overall, and this may not the be news you wanted to hear, we'd recommend taking a look at our VPN chart for a cheap paid-for service that'll treat you much more kindly. Tunnel Bear operates servers in US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Japan, plus there’s also one in Australia but this is only for paid customers.

Read on to find out about best free VPN options and whether they're right for you.

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There is also a full, paid-for version of Cyber Ghost that we really like, so the free version could be a good taster if you don't want to pay before you try it.The difference between the free and the subscription services are mostly concerned with your data allocation.The free service gives you 500MB per month although you can request an increase to 1GB via Twitter.You even give the potentially dishonest proxy operator unrestricted access to all of the information you transmit through their servers!A VPN is essential if you're concerned about privacy and want to make sure that you're safe when you connect to public Wi Fi. Free VPNs are available, but some have their drawbacks.Kennedy Airport on Thursday, to monitor developments and observe implementation of the ban in case any disputes arise.

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