Occasionally, they are found by unsuspecting farmers as fields are plowed and turned.

Here in Tompkins County there is a wonderful resource on the History Center’s website – an interactive map of Tompkins County’s cemeteries. Burying grounds in various states of repair are everywhere in the Finger Lakes.

Some return to the earth, disappearing with barely a trace.

Others, sometimes preserved by strangers, often overgrown and decaying and not always easy to find, are local landmarks.

Locals might steer you to the Old Himrod Cemetery in Yates County, the Van Vleet Farm Cemetery in Sampson State Park or the Quaker-Friends Cemetery off Mecklenburg Road in Hector.

Or, you might see five 160-year-old graves in someone’s yard as you pass through the heart of the Village of Tyrone in Schuyler County. “It’s important to remember that these stones represent real people, with dreams and feelings, triumphs and defeats,” said Chaffee.

They're listed in alphabetical order: This is a lively little winery, with an onsite cafe and frequent events and music offerings.

It's also one of the older farm wineries on Cayuga Lake.

Perhaps no living person knows more about the rural burying grounds of the Finger Lakes than Newfield town historian Alan Chaffee.These are three names that we picked up for a niche market.Buying a number of names within your target market is a good practice.In a sense, given the slowly-changing landscape of the Finger Lakes, visiting a small rural cemetery is like visiting those people in the surroundings in which they lived.With more than 120 wineries in the Finger Lakes region, there's something for every taste. The Finger Lakes is becoming best known for so-called "cool climate" wines, those made from grapes that can withstand long, cold winters.If you find it difficult to find a number of good names another solution is buying links from other related sites pointing back to your main site.

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