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Chris Cornell, the frontman of the legendary grunge band Soundgarden, died Wednesday night in Detroit at 52 from hanging himself.A representative for Cornell confirmed the death to the Associated Press, calling it "sudden and unexpected" and saying Cornell's wife and family were shocked.

He claims it’s not true, as are reports that he’s already signed up for a new series of The Voice (“We’re still in talks”).

Throughout his "Triple Threat" Tour, Prince was often seen writing in, what legend has it, was a purple notebook.

In the spring of 1983, he and William Blinn began work on a screenplay entitled "Dreams".

His phone rings and the caller must ask how he is because he says: “Oh, you know, underpaid, but happy as f---.” And he has reason to be: at 32, he is the lead singer and keyboard player of The Script, an indie-pop-rock band known for their catchy, bittersweet hits, such as The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, Breakeven, or the more recent Hall of Fame.

Success took a while to come – he formed the band with his old school friend Mark Sheehan in 2001 – but when it did, seven years later with a debut album that went straight to number one, it really did.

Blinn and Prince would send their revisions back and forth to each other while Prince was on tour.

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