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Even though none of these men turned out being my partner for more than a date or two, I appreciate every one of them and I learned something about men, women our connections and our disconnections. Share your kissing stories here with me for an upcoming project about kissing! You will get secret tips, insight and specific tools to help you become the woman that every man desires. I was talking about my list with one of my best friends. My kissing list doesn't have everyones last name, but the old list was the kissing list. On the soon-to-be-combined lists, there is more than one John, more than one Chris and more than one Tom; and there is even one guy who I so endearingly named the guy at the party wearing the red shirt. Some of Mark Ballas' comrades on "Dancing with the Stars" tell TMZ ...Mark is an accomplished guitarist specializing in Flamenco, Funk, Blues and Rock.

On June 4, 2015, the cast announced that TLC would not be going forward with a fourth season at this time placing the show on hold.

I'm certainly no Ania Lisewska with a goal of sleeping with 100,000 people either.

The goal was set for myself, when I decided to help singles on their search for love.

for the past 14 seasons, Mark has proven to not only be a fan favorite, but is also no stranger to the coveted Mirrorball trophy.

He is a two-time champion and a seven-time finalist—winning season six with Kristi Yamaguchi and season eight with Shawn Johnson.

If you're ready to move on past your old breakup check this out. You will also learn in my free e Book How to Stop Pushing Men Away and Get The Love You Want.

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