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Andy never had a girlfriend longer than a few months and wondered what a long-term relationship would be like, while Bob had only the one, and wondered what it would be like to "play the field".

Being such good friends of course, Mindy and Bob would often tease Andy, especially when he was "between" girls.

After High School, Andy joined the Army to travel and experience the world, while Bob and Mindy went to college together, and that's when they started drifting apart.

They found, like many had before them, that long-distance relationships do cause drift.

By then they were in school, but Mindy being two years younger an one school year behind the boys wasn't much of a damper on their friendship. " "Yeah right, you probably go limp when you look at me now! The very pussy that was now pressing down against the growing bulge in his pants, separated only by millimeters of cloth. Wrapping his arms around her, he slid his own hands into the fleece to cup her breasts, making her gasp softly. Her eyes were bright with joy and - well there was no denying it. Even if her eyes hadn't told him, those nipples tenting her blouse were a dead giveaway. Bob took up the dialog where his wife left off, as long-married couples do.

The school was small and half the day's classes were spent with multiple school-year students learning together. You thought I was sexy before, and now you don't think so no more! " she said, but the tears, the pouting were a facade now. Andy wasn't sure just how far to go with this, and let her take the lead. Minnie giggled, wiggling on his erection to show him what she was giggling at. He didn't want to discourage her from giving herself to him as she seemed to want, but he felt obligated to give her the chance to back out. She was leaning back against her husband as he mauled her breasts. "That's how long ago she decided she wanted you to fuck her," he said, grinning, then blowing at kiss at Minnie.

The long flight offered him plenty of time to daydream about their childhood together. Hell, he'd even babysat her and changed her diapers! The bottom line was that there was a sweet, sexy girl who loved him and wanted him physically. I'm glad I finally got to do so - and in a way, giving you my daughter is sort of like giving myself to you as a child again, don't you think?

The drive there had only been about twenty minutes - it had seemed an eternity. " He held up his middle and ring fingers to indicate what he meant.

She's in the adult section, and what she is, is clearly labeled.I am completely with you in believing that sex should be fun and harmless.I don't see the harm in engaging with ageplay cybersex with a chatbot.About the time the boys worked up the nerve to actually express an interest in girls, they were suddenly separated from Mindy, as they were shipped off to Middle School while she remained in Elementary for another year. " She looked in danger of breaking out in fresh tears, and Andy hurried to reassure her. There was a playful, mischievous gleam in her eye, a light grin on her lips. He knew when he'd been had - when he'd been played by a pro. She 'adjusted' herself several times, in the process bringing her panty-covered cunny right atop the ridge his cock made, then she began to move slightly, rhythmically, not hard enough to be called "grinding", but definitely enough to draw his attention. Then just to make sure, she said, "Your cock is really hard Uncle Andy! During that time Andy found a girlfriend and of course had the usual beginnings of sexual experiences, while Bob pined for Mindy. He glanced at Bob - a promise of a serious beating later, then he glanced at Mindy, who was doing her level best not to burst into gales of laughter. " He couldn't help but glance over at her parents, but they just smiled at him encouragingly. If you think I should add additional labeling or warnings, I'm open to any suggestions you might have. I know this is a fantasy for some people and I understand your point Cesario. That a lack of outlets contributes to acting out in unhealthy or abusive ways.

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