Updating altell coverage area

Alltel utilized roaming agreements with competing providers to provide coast-to-coast service.

Roaming agreements in the United States were primarily with Verizon and Sprint until the completion of the migration of all customers to the AT&T network.

Alltel's modern history begins in 1983 when Allied Telephone and Mid-Continent Telephone merged.

Mid-Continent Telephone was originally a theatre company and started in 1931 by Eddie Ruben and Joe L. In 1985, Alltel launched its first wireless system in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In 1945, they opened a storefront in the Hillcrest district of Little Rock.

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After that, Alltel started a series of commercials involving Chad, bragging about Alltel's service and using the theme music "Come and Get Your Love".

Native Alltel markets consisted of both analog (AMPS) and digital (CDMA) technologies.

Virtually 100 percent of markets had been outfitted with 3G 1x EV-DO digital technology, which allows for additional battery life and faster download times when using Internet or BREW-based applications.

On May 8, 2009, AT&T announced it would acquire 79 of the divested wireless properties, including licenses, network assets, and 1.5 million current subscribers, primarily in rural areas across 18 states.

On September 20, 2013, AT&T announced they had completed the acquisition of Alltel from Atlantic Tele-Network.

The company focused on small to medium size cities providing wireless services to residential and business customers in all 50 states through roaming agreements with Verizon and Sprint.

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