Godaddy hosted exchange validating mx record


This can be accomplished through changing your MX records.Making changes to your MX records will still allow you to host your website with us, but you email at a third party server such as Google.To get a better understanding how MX records work, here's some homework for you to go over.You are free to use a different mail server but still host your website with In Motion Hosting.This tool displays your MX records and how they point in a graphical view. For example, the command would look like: dig Setting your MX records to work with your In Motion hosting server is very simple.Use the example below as a template for your settings.

Now most people will typically point the NS to Rackspace, then they will manage the DNS on rackspace and have the email hosted on rackspace and then use fowarders in that email system to whatever address you want.MX (Mail Exchanger) records are a type of DNS record that determine which mail server is responsible for handling your email.The MX record is set to point to a canonical hostname, such as .Thank you, John-Paul Hi Guys, In order to pass SPF authentication with DMARC when using Amazon SES to send email, you need to create a FROM MAIL Domain and add an SPF and MX entry to DNS. I looked at the link you provided, and it can be accomplished with the above guide.However, in c Panel in inmotion the Advanced DNS page does not have type MX. Be sure to create the subdomain first, such as the "" in the link. Then, you can choose the subdomain from the drop down menu in the "Domain" section, and add the mx record.) pointing at [email protected] but it keeps stucking at "validating mx records" i contacted both hosts and said that i need to add my web server providers mx records to my domain... thing is that i searched but didnt find a solution on this...

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