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I went on to explain that an ostomy is when a piece of your intestine (in my case, small intestine) sticks out of your abdomen and it is covered by an appliance or a bag, where waste can be collected.

Everyone in my school knew I had been very sick and certainly, anyone who I was close with in anyway knew I had a chronic illness and had multiple surgeries on my stomach of some kind.

And at 16/17 years old, in the heat of a bad argument, who doesn’t say insensitive things? I had my temporary ileostomy through my first semester of college and told two of the girls I became friends with.

I still pretended with a couple of guys that I just had a bandage on my incision.

I was intimate with two guys during that time; one I told the truth to over AIM and never went into any details and the other I pretended was a bandage and never took my shirt off.

I did “hook up” with a decent amount of people during my teenage years (hey, trying to be honest here!

It was very comforting to have my best friend in high school be so understanding, help me whenever I needed help but also respect the fact that I just needed to be alone.

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