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Living in any part of the South, it can be nearly impossible to get away from southern hospitality.That is, if anyone really wanted to get away from it.Elvis Presley shocked the world a few hip twitches several decades ago and the town has been grooving ever since. With tons of things to do every night, from the nationally famous Beale Street to live music shows, your Memphian sweetheart will always be having fun.If you’re dating a Memphian, they’ll probably be dragging you along for their adventures, something you’ll never get sick of.The people here are warm and happy, and if you need help they practically jump off of their front porch to see what you need.Everyone uses “yes, ma’am” and “y’all” so often that it’s strange to hear someone say a plan “yes” or “see you all later” (and if they do, you know they’re not from around here).

Homegrown gentlemen and Southern belles, Memphians know how to be polite, they have good manners, and they know how important it is to take care of the ones they love.

They won’t poke fun at you if you get a little sample of your meal on your shirt, they’ll probably just help you clean it up.

When it comes to passionate people, Memphians are some of the most vibrant around.

Memphians practically invented the saying “Keep It Simple, Silly.” They may live in a big city, but that doesn’t mean all of them live the big city life.

A ton of Memphians love living life a bit slower, at a more relaxed pace than what might be found in Chicago or Atlanta.

Doesn’t it just feel like something great is about to happen?

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