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For the French style, asparagus is often boiled or steamed and served with Hollandaise sauce, melted butter or olive oil, Parmesan cheese, or mayonnaise.

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By 1469, asparagus was cultivated in French monasteries.During the German Spargelsaison or Spargelzeit ("asparagus season" or "asparagus time"), the asparagus season that traditionally finishes on 24 June, roadside stands and open-air markets sell about half of the country's white asparagus consumption.Since asparagus often originates in maritime habitats, it thrives in soils that are too saline for normal weeds to grow.Some brands label shoots prepared in this way as "marinated".Stem thickness indicates the age of the plant, with the thicker stems coming from older plants.Asparagus has been used as a vegetable and medicine, owing to its delicate flavour, diuretic properties, and more.

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