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It's not like we acted like a couple these past nine months we've never held hands, or even kissed we were just…together. I know I've seen other sides of him that the others haven't especially when he laughs or smiles, and whenever I was scared or alone he was always the first to try to help me even spending the night once, resulting in a very awkward morning with my father.

We've never shown any signs of affection, though I know that was to keep our relationship secret, yet why am I so scared to go in and get told it's over?

" Hunny asks waving good-bye."I will Sempai, I promise." She laughs watching her friends disappear.

'As annoying as they all are I don't think I could bear to lose any one of them.' She thinks realizing she was almost completely alone in the courtyard. I guess it's now or never." Taking a deep breath she walks back into the school and heads to the clubroom.

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I think it would be best for both of us if we just act as though this relationship between us never happened at all." He smiles sadly picking up his laptop and heading for the door. She had never seen Kyoya look so defeated or act so noble as to put his friendship with Tamaki before her, yet she knew if she let him walk through those doors then he would stay true to his word and act like nothing ever happened between them at all.'He's really opened up to me in these past nine months completely different from when I met him for the first time.' As she gripped the handles to the door harder she finally realizes what a fool she's been and what she was missing.'I…love him, oh mother in heaven I love him that's why I'm so scared to go in and face him, but I have to see him.Remembering the time Kyoya took her out for fancy tuna she suddenly loses her appetite and throws the rest away."Seriously what's wrong with you tonight you're not even hungry?" Kaoru asks."I guess I'm just not hungry tonight." She sighs, her mind annoyingly going back to the look in Kyoya's eyes as he pushed her away."You're a horrible liar Haruhi you know that." Hikaru tells her."So what's really the matter? ' she wonders sighing inwardly and quickly coming up with a lie she hopes they'll fall for.The twins of course following her, deciding that they too were hungry."Hey Haruhi, are you sure you're okay you seem a little…I dunno distant tonight." Hikaru asks her."I'm fine Hikaru, but you know I should be asking you that how's your arm?

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