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Puff is defiantly bringing it to the table and just mixing the old and the new, giving us a whole new sound." Not entirely.Songs like "All on You" find De Voe and Bivens bringing the BBD flow up to date, but on "That's Why I Lied," the vintage New Edition sound shines through.The best part about it was to have everybody in the group involved in it. Johnny and Ron were groomsmen." A little over a year ago, New Edition engaged in a different type of marriage ceremony with Sean "P. They signed a contract with Bad Boy, and their first release on Diddy's label, One Love, drops Tuesday. "It feels good to be able to put out some new music," Bivens said."We've been on tour and doing shows since the summer of 2002.To rise above the kind of "true stories" that are the fodder of several assembly-line TV movies every year, a biopic needs to be like Ray Charles -- departing from formula and daring to be different.Director Taylor Hackford (who once helmed the Chuck Berry concert film "Hail! Rock'n'Roll") doesn't manage that in "Ray," a film that feels more like a two-and-a-half-hour highlights reel from Charles' life."I'm standing here all alone, this night's about to end," Gill sings. ' Like we tell anyone else, Bobby has an open door to New Edition. As far as Bobby being in the group and coming and being down for the duration of New Edition, that probably won't happen.

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” (1989) By the time Gill was brought back in part two of the biopic to be a part of the group and record “Boys to Men,” he told Ralph Tresvant (played by Algee Smith) that their relationship, going since they were teenagers, was no more. As is the case with all biopics that feature portrayals of individuals who didn’t get a say in the story line (remember the TLC drama? ” Even Stacy had to speak up when asked about the role colorism played in the demise of their relationship.But as a primer on that man's life (musical brilliance, adultery, addiction, and lip service to lyrical controversy and segregation struggles) -- and for a film with a prefabricated story arc and little detail (Charles fathered 12 kids, only three or four of which are even mentioned in the film) -- "Ray" could be a lot worse.At the very least it has a passionately devoted, dead-on lead actor -- Foxx not only nails the blind soul king's swaying jitterbug body language, but also seems to capture his very essence as a man and musician -- and a whole lot of fantastic, toe-tapping, heart-pumping R&B.The tours are doing well, and we don't have to worry about the record label taking all our money, 'cause we make our money on the road.Our fans love to see us." "Being on Bad Boy is like any other label," Bell said.The remaining members of New Edition — Michael Bivens, Johnny Gill and Ronnie De Voe — also participated.

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