Crudup dating


Crudup dated actress Mary-Louise Parker until 2003, when he left her (six months pregnant with their child) for actress Claire Danes.

The pair was spotted holding hands in New York City over the weekend, according to , which was first to break the news of the new couple.

Their relationship is "very Sonny and Cher," Lopez joked in the premiere episode.

Even when the show ended, the exes reunited again that year to duet on Lopez's Dance Again world tour, in which they sang their 1999 song "No Me Ames" (translation: do not love me).

After deciding to end their seven-year marriage in 2011, the parents of twins filmed Q'Viva!

The Chosen, the couple's joint Latin American reality show that aired from January to April 2012.

We've been through hell and back so a kiss on the lips for a photo and a night out of fun is not a big deal for either of us, we are in a great place but we are very much still divorced and not together.

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