Emma dating dan

and I agree with daniels_baby_15, Emma was supposedly going out with tom.....hey she is like a Brittney spears wanna-be so that makes her a wanna-be ****. I mean i sereiously doubt that you want people going around saying 'ohh yea she's going out with that one guy' ' wait wasn't she going out with the other one too? just cause they see u holding hands with someone... Originally posted by Slug Horn im agreein with saber what exaclty does this have to do with harry potter You can't say anything because you don't even now her. I'm not getting into love lives, so you an't be mad at me, but she does act preppy, you got to admit it. I dated brothers, and Im not preppy, I hold hands with everyone, if it's a boy or a girl.. I kiss everyone (not with tongues), and I don't freaking care..so naturally she is gonna try and get with the whole cast and crew and it probably will be poor Rupert next . I don't get into actors love lives so I can't say more than that, but she has turned preppy. I agree with the people who are saying it's wrong to talk about them... i hold hands with alot of my guy friends, and I AM NOT A PREP... I hate people that talk about people they don't even know!!! so, just let Emma do what she wants, she isn't preppy, and you shouldn't say things about someone you don't know, were you there? so you can't tell and about the preppy thing, preppy,goth,punk gangsta....those are all labels and anyone who labels themselves or anyone is automatically someone is a wannabe because they are interested in labels instead of personality(not meant to offend anyone)Originally posted by daeri No she doesn't..Originally posted by Night Crawler341 Obviously it must mean she is going out with all these people, Daeri, because if she can do that with Dan and be considered going out with him, then she is pretty much giving herself away to anyone, regardless of age limit.

Originally posted by Stealth_Knight IMO Emma gets way too much shi.t from the public. That's what every other celebrity couple would say when they're trying to hide their relationship from the public. He doesn`t deserve to be alone forever, or with you because if you can`t be happy for him, then you`re just mean. And even if they were going out, we should be happy for them.You shouldn't be interested in other peoples love lives.How would you like it if some freaky person half-way across the world started making threads complaining you hooked up with someone?How would you like it if some freaky person half-way across the world started making threads complaining you hooked up with someone? Originally posted by Dracos_girl_15 Are you so stupid that you can't even tell when people are going out? just cause she is 15 doesnt mean she wouldnt date a 40 year old. This has escalated to the point where it's unbareable. It sickens me to hear you guys arguing about a person you don't even know. She could be all the things you guys are saying, but even if she is, that's her buisness not your guys's....I still don't understand why you idiots are in the damn thread if you don't like it so much. Would you go out with a 40-somethin man if you were only 15? Originally posted by Raven Guardia hmmm, now lets make a small comparison have got to be kidding with those comparisons ....Would you go out with a 40-somethin man if you were only 15? I know I wouldn't because it would give other people the impression that I have romantic feelings for my friend.

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