Groupwise inbox not updating


Data Integrity Maintained Original message data, including metadata, is completely maintained in the target system, which is critical for maintaining optimal data fidelity.

Additionally, source data is not compromised in any way – it’s left in the same form post-migration as it was pre-migration. Users can quickly and easily configure and perform a batch migration all within the same interface.

Just because we’re migration experts doesn’t mean we expect you to be.

Our software is designed to be intuitive enough for even the most novice computer user to understand.

They also provide in-depth information about specific features that alter the default behavior of Transend Migrator, and identify best practices that enhance migration efficiency.

Step-by-step instructions detail how to configure the tool and perform your migration from Easy Installation/Configuration Transend Migrator is the easiest product on the market to install and configure.

This method is the faster than the Date Range filter because the date range search takes place on the server rather than on the local workstation provide detailed information related to migrating multiple user mailboxes from IMAP to Exchange.

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By enabling AUTHPLAIN on your IMAP server, and RECEIVE-AS permissions in Exchange (or Impersonation in Exchange 2013, 2016 or a Hosted Exchange environment), you can migrate every user without needing to use their password Yes, you may exclude certain messages/folders (such as your Spam folder) and by setting certain filters (such as a date range, or setting a max attachment size) you have complete control of exactly what data is migrated into Exchange Recurring meetings will be maintained as recurring (as opposed to separate standalone meetings that lose their relationship to each other).

With an array of custom options, users can easily alter the default behavior of Transend Migrator to meet their specific needs.

By selecting specific custom options, users can apply criteria that filters data by type, data size, date ranges or set quotas on the amount of data migrated per mailbox.

Transend’s industry leading software solutions have been used by large and small businesses around the world to migrate well over 20 million mailboxes.

With technology specifically designed for rapid throughput, maintenance of data fidelity, adaptability to all system configurations, migration management and ease of use, Transend’s solutions are used by some of the largest and most recognizable Fortune 500 and 100 companies, as well as small and medium sized businesses.

While the full list of features are described in more detail in the White Papers, below are some of the more commonly used features: Folder Mapping Migrate folders with a certain name in the Source system into folders with a different name in the target system.

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