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They tried to write lot of apps, but eventually wisely moved to SAP.

In the 2000’s, they rewrote parts of SAP in Java on the web. All in all, their focus was to take the requirements and use the right COTS application.

You understand that may mean lot of custom applications.

How are you going to deliver those without blowing the budget? Suppose you are planning on delivering lot of front-end applications. If you are going to develop that many, you know standardization delivers the right kind of efficiency.

Even if the procurement time increased to a week, it was always guaranteed. On one hand, we are supposed to follow rules: school rules, arithmetic rules, L’Hospital’s Rule, whatever.It is the difference between a proof of concept to scaling to millions.It is the difference between a startup and an enterprise.When I was a student at IIT Madras, my dream place to work was Bell Labs. One of the preliminaries was getting a phone instrument.They told me that it would take a week to get a phone assigned.The problem is that these technologies are moving really fast.

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