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Car is located in Manitowoc, WI This car shipped new from Detroit on October 31, 1913 and was sent to the Don Lee agency in Los Angeles, Ca.It later surfaced in Reno, Nevada where it was wagered in a Poker Game in 1962.The single self generating head light is correct for the car and the only one known to exist. 1915 Model T Ford, ,000Rare Brassy Runabout Amazingly this unique antique car that`s approximately 95% Original It`s my understanding that there were only 47,116 Ford model T Runabouts made for 1915 and I don`t know how many of them were Brassy (brass radiator front, hubs, lanterns, and other accessories)That same year there were 244,181 Model T touring cars.

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No top or windshield when new Asking ,500 or trades. Alton Walker bought the car from Hurst in May of 1945 and sold it to restorer Phil Andrews in Sept, 1945Andrews drove it on the first Reno tour, then only in parades, said it has less than 300 miles on it.

He bought it from a museum in Buffalo when it closed.

It was a very original and complete car when Henry bought it.

This rear entrance tonneau with a 3 speed progressive transmission, leather cone clutch, 28 x 3 wheels, geared water pump, and chain drive is as new When restored, every part was fitted with new bearings, polished and balanced the crank and flywheel, rebushed portions of the trans, rebuilt the rear end, new tires, new black leather upholstery, etc.

The brass lamps were done by Rick Britten and is one of a few known to exist.

This car came from a Swiss collection owned by formula 1 driver Jo Siffert and includes an older restoration that still shows very well.

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