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Previously, this offense was a categorized as a fourth degree misdemeanor.

If you are charged with attempting to sell or actually delivering marijuana, the penalties are raised.

Evidence suggests the growing role of IMFs, and the declining presence of heroin and pharmaceutical opioids in unintentional overdose fatalities, compared with 2014–2016 data from Ohio and other states (3–5).

There is a need to include testing for IMFs as part of standard toxicology panels for biological specimens used in the medical, substance abuse treatment, and criminal justice settings.

Because marijuana laws vary greatly from state to state, you are probably unsure of what kind of punishment you will be facing.

Anytime there is a potential for a jail sentence, you are entitled to feel frightened. It is one controlled substance that has a low risk for dependency and Ohio law treats it accordingly.

Possession of marijuana in Ohio has been decriminalized to a certain extent.

Once we know the specifics of your case we can better determine what your best defense options are, and what kinds of penalties you might be facing if you are found guilty.

Montgomery County data include all unintentional drug overdose deaths that occurred in the county during the specified period.

Other county data include all cases that were sent to MCCO for analysis, but might not represent all unintentional overdose deaths that occurred in those counties.

The goal is usually to avoid a permanent criminal record that can follow you for life, and prevent you from getting a job, a scholarship, a house or apartment, or any future negative impact that could result from a public criminal conviction on your record.

And of course, as part of our legal defense consultation, we will thoroughly evaluate your case and look for every opportunity to get the charges dismissed completely.

Possession of drug paraphernalia associated with marijuana (pipes, water bongs) is a minor misdemeanor, as is possession of under 100 grams.

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