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You might need read proof because someone you billed is claiming to never have received the invoice.Now you can confront them with read proof in the form of an email tracking receipt.When the email is opened an email tracking code is send to the MSGTAG email tracking system and an email read confirmation is delivered to you.

Sometimes it's really great to have evidence that your message was receieved: "read proof".To find out how to track email with this exciting new version of our read receipt software, head to the MSGTAG Status 2 product page. But how many times do you find yourself wondering if it even got through? You hit "send" and then wait patiently for a reply. Traditional read receipts rely on people to choose to allow a read receipt to be returned to you.However, if at some time in the past they opened an email and selected "don't ask me about read receipts again" then ... Even if they would be happy to let you know that your email was successfully delivered, their software will block the sending of traditional read receipts.Did she really not get the email, or is she not that keen?With MSGTAG email tracking you now have read proof you need to meet the love of your life.I buy a lot of software, I am formerly CEO of a company with over 500 people and VERY computer literate; And I use the computer constantly. I use email to manage my clients and sensitive communication. Yeaman"MSGTAG is a first class idea and it's so useful." John Dover"I think this is a fantastic program.

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