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(For more on the layers of light, take a look at our Lighting Essentials Guide on our Design Center page.) Consider accent lighting delivered by sconces, as well as task lighting, which could be a lamp to read by or a pendant hanging over a desk or bar cart.

Set the room's lights to a dimmer switch so you can set the mood just how you want it.

A lot of ink has been spilled on the subject of small spaces. When you’re in a small space, you have a limited range. They become a friend, a frame, a way to guide the vision.

The transparency and airiness of the items will prevent the space from feeling too heavy or filled up.

Photo by Joe Pugliese | Found on Wit & Delight via Dwell The Power of Vignettes To maximize the impact of the space you have, try identifying two or three good spots for a "vignette." Prime locations include on top of a side or coffee table, on a shelf, or set against one of the walls.

Books, , framed photographs, luxury candles: these, in rigorously edited and carefully curated clusters, can add interest to a small space.

In addition to lighting, you have to figure out what furniture will be necessary and where to place it.

Claudia Benvenuto, when faced with a small space, uses furniture that doesn’t seem to take up a lot of room.

Just because a space is small, doesn't mean nothing in the space should be big.

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