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The good thing about properly executed SEO is that the work you do now will continually produce results for you for a long time to come.

However the benefits can be huge – starting from the traffic that the domain name already has, and the popularity of the actual name throughout the Internet. The full list of accredited registrars can be found on the ICANN web-site at This is why the services that offer domain search using synonyms and thesaurus search mechanisms can be of great help to anyone trying to think of a good domain.There is always the possibility to spy on the domain names of your choice and purchase them as soon as their current ownership expires, or even buy them from their present owners.Once the domain name is chosen, the next step will be to go to a registrar and paying a registration fee that ranges between US to US (for that name). It needs to be renewed annually, usually for the same amount per annum.Domain names disappear very fast – many webmasters say that all the good domain names are already gone, and it is probably true that most good domains that are descriptive of products and services have already been taken, especially in the dating or adult dating industry.If you are familiar with HTML and web-design – it would be great if you could create your own design for your site.

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