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First, we know our bodies are telling us they want sex.

God made our bodies to want sex, but our mind knows God also sets parameters for the appropriate time and place for sex.

Others say kissing is fine if there is some kind of emotional commitment. It no longer applies." Recently I taught a seminar on relationships.

One question dominated: "How far can I go physically in a dating relationship without going too far?

Furthermore, almost no one seeks out pain and heartache and yet people still manage to get ambushed all the time. But literally millions of people have witnessed or experienced the emotional and (sometimes) physical damage that sex outside of the realm of marriage creates.

What do we need to know in order to avoid the pain?

" by saying that sex and living together are simply a sign of the times.

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I know what my religion says about sex before marriage but things are different now." Thus, Julia answered the question "How far is too far?I talk to women all the time who say, "Well, the only thing men want out of a relationship is sex.All they want to do is go further and further." Let me say this to the women: Do not give in.If you start dating someone who has lesser boundaries than you do, you're probably going to slide down to his level. I've talked to hundreds of women who have experienced this very thing and they feel cheap and used when they get discarded by the guy on his way to the next conquest.So do not compromise your standards, no matter what." Many women think they have to perform sexually to keep a guy. Any man who disdains your decisions about your own body and how you protect your heart-- the most intimate issues of your life- is a man unworthy of spending time with you. Why, why, why would you want to share your soul, your life, with a guy who doesn't respect your most significant, intimate decisions?Whatever your boundaries are in the physical realm, it's something that you must set ahead of time.

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