Hackshield not updating Free camchat rooms no registration com


Error Code 0x30000030 is a client-side error that occurs when Hack Shield is unable to successfully connect to the update server to check for the latest Hack Shield update.

There are a large variety of causes ranging from firewalls to improper Internet Explorer settings, and all of the known solutions for these causes are listed below.

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If disabling worked, it is recommended that you properly add Hack Shield to the exceptions or ignore list for that security program. Hack Shield uses Internet Explorer for port 80 networking and updates regardless if you personally use another web browser.Bolded previous solutions that I saw here regarding the issue that didn't work. Heck, I was playing the game just a few days prior. When I did some digging around, it seemes that the major cause of the error code is that there is something wrong with the driver of the program. Check Task Manager and processes and try to spot an odd ball.But don't go on deleting whatever you find is odd, try finding odd ones and search them up and see if they are vital to computer operation.If you remember a program that you installed, great. Besides that, all I can recommend is to System Restore to time when it did work, storing important changed data elsewhere.I don't know if Russian client saves the config files to somewhere else not on my main computer atm.If this was an OK job then it would go through hackshield and go to cinematics and kick me out then i would know everything works, but it doesn't. Many people have this same problem and people are saying the same solution over and over, but for me it no work.

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