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“It turned out that James had cerebral palsy affecting his speech capacity,” says Lock.“He was an older gay man living in an extended care facility, and was very, very lonely."In the early 80ies, James (nickname) used to call our Gay line regularly.

Needless to say, gay people with disabilities struggle to find a place for themselves, to break out of social isolation, to find intimate partners and even to learn to accept their own bodies and sexual orientation.

“In the gay world we are bombarded with images of young, beautiful, able-bodied people.

So when a man finds me attractive I’m automatically suspicious of him,” Hull admits.

Once he was even prevented by a driver of a disability transport service from entering a gay club where Lock was waiting for him.

And another time inside a gay bar, Lock heard someone mutter, “Why on earth would he even bring him here?

But James had to cope with some care’s negative reaction towards his sexual orientation.

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