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"I always said, 'Mom—there was a really cool way of spelling my name, and you picked the boring way that gets everyone confused.They forget the T or call me Mar-got,'" the star explains.

OK so they were customised with the models' initials but still. Even at £795 for the medium version the world, it's (fashionable) granny and a slew of celebrities Margot Robbie included are fully signed up members of the backpack squad."There's no way I was going to play the damsel in distress," she says. "It just felt very epic and big and magical in some way. The Harry Potter films could have been really cheesy, but David Yates made them into something dark and cool and real—plus it was shooting in London, and I, on a whim, had just signed a lease on a house there."Alexander Skarsgård, who plays the titular character, was taken by Robbie from the beginning. She lived in this tiny studio apartment in Hollywood.We were supposed to just have coffee and talk about the project, but we spent the entire day together.But the man who adores Robbie most is Tom Ackerly, the assistant director she met in 2013 on the set of the World War II drama , "I was the ultimate single gal. hunk Alexander Skarsgård have sparked romance speculation after the hot celeb pair were seen getting extra cozy with each other during a recent event at the Sundance Film Festival.I remember being blown away by how cool and down-to-earth she was," he says.

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