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I'm waiting for you to get back to me as I'd like to get started as soon as we can. Sarah Smith." The main thing that stops me from getting "started as soon as we can" is that I'm concerned at our substantial age difference, not to mention references to "auto accident", "real estate", no "" sign on her computer, two different surnames, and - oh yes - the fact that the ISP for Sarah's email differs from the one offered, and that the email actually came from Brazil! Thanks which you answer on my letters, me it very much, are pleasant, as during my life recently there are insufficient pleasures. ' For that sort of money I could probably even tolerate her liking rap or dance music and watching the X-Factor... Even if she doesn't have the money, a university with such a shortage of men is surely worth a visit...

Union Jill might be less than impressed too, but a share of 40% of nearly 51M Even allowing for a third rate computer translation, this has to be a load of crap from the beginning,, but now I'm going to take the bait and suggest meeting, this is where she'll ask me for money for visa fees etc. Today I am broken with that from the homeless of what I cared, have died. And we with serving in our fund have made it last days in a life easier. It was glad, for which we cared of it, during its hard time. Dearest Nadezhda I am sorry to hear that you have died of an incurable disease, this being what I infer from your latest diatribe of drivel.

No deceit as such, she'd just been on the site for five years, and the details hadn't been updated.

No pictures I'm sorry to say, but for those of you who would prefer someone who speaks - or writes - the Queen's English, and is potentially of independent means - and would like to help others become so too - here is the text of a message received tonight: "I'm sorry to disturb you with this proposal.

My name is Sarah Leeds, I'm a Brit who lives in London.

They don't appear to be the usual supermodel type which are often used in these scams, she's pretty ordinary looking.

It might be worth checking how old she is I don't know how to check on that.

Would the photos have any indication of when they were taken?

Polonez is a brand name (I think it's a hotel chain) and appears in Latin characters in that first set of photos, but if you look at the smaller signage behind that it is definitely Cyrillic.

I can read Cyrillic but those are too small to make out, and enlarging the picture blurs it and doesn't help.

I would crawl over broken glass and barbed wire to get to you.

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