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After the relationship started to build, the person announced plans to apply for leave so they could be together.The scammers behind the fake account then asked for 0 to put towards a leave form, and Breuer sent it. Breuer came home from work one day and turned on the television.She met someone, they shared similar interests, and hit it off.The person claimed to be in the US army, recently deployed to Afghanistan.Pam Breuer was in an online relationship for a month before she discovered the person wasn't real.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you'll bookmark our site and return again!Now, she's demanding more information from the person or people who are behind it, and is trying to get enough information that authorities will help her.Breuer has had trouble finding a law enforcement body that will claim jurisdiction over this crime that happened online, and likely came from another country.Breuer finally searched the image of the person with whom she thought she was in a relationship.When it came up as someone else, she knew without a doubt she had been scammed. "But mostly I just wanted to get justice and find this person." Despite discovering the relationship was a fraud after only one month, Breuer continued to message the fake account as if she knew nothing.Daniel Williams at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says investigations of this kind can be difficult.

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