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Periodically, Nintendo issues new system updates or firmware releases for the Wii gaming system.

These updates are designed to upgrade your Wii with new features, enhance your Wii's performance, or fix bugs from previous releases.

Despite of having the willing of Show or Sharing to friends instantly, you must have the following experience, trying to send out photos or video in the camera immediately, and usually you only find a computer and internet to transfer, and always be delay or forgot.

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If your router has the option to block certain URLs from passing through, that's a way better way of keeping your Wii U safe and connected.

After setting this up, I you will be able to access the e Shop, but you should be able to play games online just fine.

There should be plenty of you that are capable of doing this, it is quite easy and straight forward, plus its hosted on your own computer, so you have complete control over it, here is what you will need to do: This is quite a simple method, providing you have a decent router and you know hoe to use it, you will want to block all of these: *com **.deploy.*.deploy.static.*shop.1.137 1.158 .145 .75 shop.To use applications such as loadline, one needs to connect to a server, you can connect to a server online, which can be dangerous or you can create a server of your own on your PC, but that takes up a lot of power and is a waste for running a simple server, so this method via jellybeangreen2 is quite good, first here is some information about the device from the official website: card package.

This means that if you have any kind of 3DS, it will not be able to preform updates either.

Other Wii U consoles connected to that router won't be able to update as well.

Otherwise, Star Fall should be used for version 3.2.

Tip: To check your system menu version, go to you Wii Settings; the version number is on the upper right.

Using the below method will patch the Wii's System Menu so that games will stop bothering you to update them before they're playable.

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