Updating the zune


Apps section removed from Marketplace in software (although they are still downloadable directly to Zune HD devices), Zune Social section removed, Mixview disabled, music videos on Marketplace cannot be redownloaded, reactivated or relicensed if user's computer is upgraded and are no longer available for purchase or streaming via Zune Music Pass.

A range of softwares and hardware was published under the Zune brand.

Are you one of the many who snagged an el cheapo, first generation Zune 30GB off of Woot or a big box fire sale? Good, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived.

Additional features were added (Zune HD only), Smart DJ, Native AVI and XVID support, Marketplace on TV-Out, Picks on-device, increased performance, browser fixes, favorites sorting, web screenshots, hidden network, no ads on games.It has also been noted that the new firmware features the option to unsubscribe from a podcast right on the device.This can be activated by bringing up the menu during a podcast play and selecting “unsubscribe”.Zune works with a number of different formats across a range of media types. Number of programs by Microsoft: 67 Popular programs: 1. Like-Minded Listeners feature added to social, allowing users to compare their music tastes to others.

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