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When a list of blocked sites maintained by ACMA, The Australian Communications and Media Authority, was leaked in 2009.

This would simply be adding another check to the list, and in reality it is a burden already carried by film makers.It's not just pornography that is a problem; the internet is full of inappropriate material, including material on self-harming, anorexia, bomb-making sites and suicide sites.Society has long held the view that we allow parents the right to "hold power" over their own children in order to protect them, to educate them and keep them from the harsher realities of the world until they are mature enough to handle them properly.Another alternative would be a ".18" TLD, applicable to any age-sensitive information.There is a view that the internet is in need of a monitor for obscene and adult websites.This right is being undermined by the rapid and exponential progression of internet-enabled technology, and few parents feel confident that they are adequately protecting their children as they browse.

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