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Most people living the un-life will experience such conditions as unhappiness, gloom, lack of energy, and withdrawal from others.It is also not uncommon to experience a significant drop in self-esteem.It's okay to have some silence and solitude-everyone needs that now and again-but healthy, "have-a-life" people are engaged with living and forming relationships with others.

You will experience an emptiness and longing that can only be filled when you are associated with others.You exchange small talk about the day, and then he proceeds to tell you that he's going to play basketball with some of his guy friends tonight, and that he'll try to remember to call you tomorrow. They have become so consumed with finding (or keeping) someone to meet their needs and give them a sense of significance that real meaningful living has taken a backseat.They have convinced themselves that life isn't worth pursuing with any sort of passion if they don't have someone to share it with.Unfortunately, their urge-to-merge strategy inevitably hits a dead end: they end up using people, having a miserable time, developing a bad reputation, and scaring off the person they hoped to attract in the first place. Dependence Dependent people have difficulty making decisions and taking responsibility for their own lives.When a dependent person enters a relationship, he usually sucks the lifeblood out of the other person like a tick on a dog.Individuals with a solid identity can't be shaken or devastated just because they don't have someone to date.

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