Does mean dream dating my crush


The distance in your eyes I'm just not important to you. "I thought that i heard you (The audience)sing, laugh try". yes, try to do waht he suggests we, conserve, be politically active. (On second thought) "I haven't said enough." IThere is much more I can do to inspire my audience, I need to say more.

At least that's what I thought it was about when it came out and it was exactly how I felt about my boyfriend at the time (I'm a woman, btw).

Set It Up has some interesting definitions such as: to claim onese If to be (to be gay?

), and to place in view (maybe he did just come out or thinks he may have?

I think the distance in your eyes is a family member/friend avoiding him, almost disowning him.*****3.) "oh no, I've said too much....

I've set it up"*****Here I think he's saying he's got to watch every thing he says, and this time he worries he revealed stuff accidentally (even if he's just being paranoid) that could confirm he's gay.

It's just a song about having a crush."There are alot of wonderful interpetations of this song here. This for someone who made a strong impression on me that will never read this. That's me in the spotlight I feel like everyone is watching. Trying to keep up with you I listen intently to the little news of you. I thought that I heard you laughing I thought that I heard you sing I think I thought I saw you try You always there just beyond my senses. Trying to keep an eye on you I listen intently to the little news of you. But that was just a dream That was just a dream Its only a wish. The spotlight is the real stage spotlight, and that's Stipe in it. Or getting discouraged and losing faith in us (his audience).

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