Argus c3 dating


He attached the Argus’ front and back to his plastic box, then spent some time fitting his digital camera inside.

They invented 135 format 35mm film which is still sold today and has been the most popular and best selling film ever made.The Retina Reflex would be Kodak’s only film SLR until its discontinuation a decade later, in 1967.In 1941, Kodak would release the Kodak Ektra which was their one and only attempt at a high end interchangeable lens rangefinder camera that could compete with high end models like the Ikon Zeiss Contax and the Leitz Leica.[John] likes making things out of unusual junk, and decided to build something for the sole purpose of trolling others.He thought it would be funny to stuff a new digital camera into the body of an old, obsolete camera, just to see how people would react to it.Requests should be directed to Investor Relations Department, Alibaba Group, 26/F Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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