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We offer a comprehensive range of Ultrasound Scans including Early pregnancy scans, Dating And Viability Scans, Nuchal scans, Combined Test, Growth Scans, Doppler Scans, , Private Pregnancy Ultrasound, 3d scans and 4d Scans for Surrey, Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex.

The fees for pregnancy scans range between £95 – £225.

Chas & Dave’s rough-and-tumble appeal was plain from the off, in a grim wedding-cum-conference venue just north of Brighton.

Hodges explained how they were to play two sets, one of the stuff they’d cut their teeth on in the mid-’70s pub-rock era, the second of their more familiar hits.

Not so: while Chas Hodges, the curly-haired pianist, now in his late sixties, was still raring to go, Dave Peacock, the slightly younger bassist, was announcing his retirement, following the death of his wife of 36 years, Sue.

I am now on holiday and enjoying some much needed R and R!

When it was announced last year that Chas & Dave would no longer be performing together after 34 years of cockney pop mischief, there was an audible moan of surprise.

Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority."General Counselling Venue: My home office in Burgess Hill Free 30 minute assessment to discuss your counselling needs.

£45 50 minute sessions £35 Concession rate Sex or Porn Addiction Counselling Venue: The Haven Pregnancy Counselling Centre, Burgess Hill or via Skype £50 45 minute assessment and history taking session.

We can be 95% accurate at this early stage of pregnancy.

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