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In general the French were unhappy with the change of rule and the Spanish governance of the territory was an uneasy one, occasionally punctuated by armed rebellion. Genevieve area, the Spaniards, making a virtue of necessity, tended to let the French govern themselves.

During the 1770s and 1780s members of the Peoria Tribe, whose situation had deteriorated under British and American rule in Illinois, migrated west across the Mississippi River into Ste.

Within a decade of the Native American immigration, Spanish authorities showed an interest in opening the area to colonization by Americans.

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They settled in the southeastern corner of the county and moved inland through a series of towns whose names enshrined both religion and nationality: Wittenberg, Friedheim, Frohna, Dresden, Altenburg, and Paitzdorf, which was renamed Uniontown during the American Civil War.It was divided into three townships: Brazeau, Cinque Hommes, and Bois Brule.Their boundaries, following natural geographical features, were quite irregular.In 1826, they built their first log meeting house, which was later replaced by York Chapel.Until 1821, the Barrens region formed the southern portion of Ste. When Missouri was granted statehood, Perry County was organized out of the parent district.These were Roman Catholics of English stock from north-central Kentucky.

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