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More advanced VLAN configurations, such as passing the VLAN tags all the way up to the guest VM, are also supported within the ESX Server environment as well.We'll take a look at that kind of configuration in a future article.Instead it would only get updated vlan information from other VTP client or servers (if their revision number is higher) Step 3----------On Switch B issue the write erase command and also the delete command Issue a reload command on switch BAfter reload change the VTP mode on switch B to transparent (because of the delete and erase it should have defaulted to server mode)Create VLAN TRANSPARENT on Switch BIssue the copy run start command on Switch BReattach Switch B to Switch A Is there a file on Switch B and if so, where is it located ?According to the Wendell Odom books for CCNA, transparent switches store vlan configuration both in Flash and in running-config Can you see vlan configuration when you issue show running config ?It's just like a connection between two physical switches, except in this instance one of the switches is virtual.The ESX Server host separates the VLANs using port groups. Strictly speaking, port groups and VLANs will not have a direct one-to-one relationship; a single VLAN may be represented by multiple port groups.

Once your port groups have been defined, VMs attached to a port group will then communicate on the matching VLAN on the physical switches.Then, they must physically cable the server to the correct switch port or ports before the server will be able to communicate with the rest of the network.Where this process begins to break down, however, is when VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) is introduced.This is because port groups define more than just VLAN membership.In addition to VLAN membership port groups also define other networking features such as traffic shaping and security settings.Step 4---------Create VLAN TRANSPARENT_TWO on Switch BIssue a reload command on Switch B (without copying the running config the ) Is there a VLAN TRANSPARENT on Switch B ?

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