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Security is always an issue in Iraq--particularly for a U. President-- but this time the assault on the outgoing American leader took place from within not only the Green Zone, but the very room in which Mr. The President had to duck when shoes were thrown at him by an Iraqi television journalist who also called Mr. The subsequent arrest of the tv reporter sparked protests within Iraq; his detention as he awaited trial provoked bawdy scenes in the Iraqi parliament. A visit that had been designed to portray porgress in Iraq was overshadowed by a journalist throwing his shoes.While President Bush shrugged off the incident, the question remained as to what legacy he is going to leavin in Iraq and Afghanistan?The troubled economy worldwide will also be associated with the outgoing Bush presidency.

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To that end, we speak to two veterans of International Correspondents, Toby Harnden, the British Daily Telegraph's man in Washington and also in DC, Jordan Lieberman, publisher of Campaigns and Elections' Politics magazine.

We profile her remarkable career and talk to Miller's son, Antony Penrose about his work as the curator of her photographic archives.

Tours of the Lee Miller archive are available at the family's farmhouse in Sussex, England from April to October.

The documentary brings back to the forefront the issue of assisted dying in Britain and puts pressure on the government to clarify the issue.

We speak to the director of the film, John Zaritsky, an Oscar winning documentary maker, in Vancouver.

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